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Holy Hills of Ireland

48 49 mouNtaiNs CoNtiNued MAgherinteMPle, Cavan, on the first Sunday of August people came to the ruins of St Patricks temple. A grease issuing from a stone cured any disease, and the saint had resuscitated a bull here. MM An, Galway, a high pass in the Maamturk mountains where St Patrick blessed Connemara. Its Lughnasa assembly honoured St Patricks defeat of Crom Dubh, probably this replaced an older mythological struggle between the gods Balar and Lugh Mount BrAndon, Cnoc Branainn, Kerry, the beehive hut on its peak was the dwelling of St Brendan, before he left on his voyages in a wicker boat covered with ox skins. MullinAkill, Kilkenny. This is the birthplace of St Moling, who has a cave and a well here. The hill was a Lughnasa assembly place. MullyAsh hill, Monaghan, still attracted large crowds for Blaeberry Sunday in 1942. There were sports, dancing and competitions and visits to a stone with a giants footprint. PAPs of Anu, the goddess Ana or Dana, Cork. Lughnasa customs took place here, with berry picking, games and competitions. rock of BArnAne, Tipperary. On Rock Sunday at the end of July the people climb the 1,577 ft high hill, for Lughnasa customs and games. seefin, Sudhe Fionn, Cork. Lughnasa rites were held after visits to its summit cairn. sheehAun hill, Leitrim, Lughnasa customs observed here in July and August. silverMines hills, Limerick, in their heart is a small peak called Mthair Sliabh stones were added to its cairn as part of the Lughnasa customs, Silver, lead and zinc were mined here since prehistoric times. skerry hill, Antrim, St Patricks slave masters fort was here. On Patricks return he immolated himself rather than submit to Christianity and a church was built on it. skelP hill, Tyrone, in late summer bilberry picking and games were performed here, including attempts to lift a large stone. skelP, Sceilp a Mhadaidh, Mayo. People ate the first potatoes and gathered on the last July Sunday, Garlic Sunday, beside a ruin for Lughnasa customs and games. A girl was chosen to make bilberry pies. sleMish, Antrim, the mountain on which St Patrick looked after flocks as a slave. slieve BlooM between Leix and Offaly, where Fionn lived in hiding as a child. Lughnasa customs and games were held on this 1,734 ft peak on the last Sunday of July. slieve cAllAn, Sliabh Collinn, Clare, a 1,200 ft mountain with several megalithic monuments on it. The Lughnasa gathering here was on Crom Dubhs Sunday in early August. Flowers were strewn, and there were games and dancing. slieve donArd, Sliabh Donairt, Mourne Mountains, Down. Parthaln, father of one of the earliest races, buried his son in its megalithic cairn. Later it became the entrance to the underworld realm of Donairt, one of Patricks mountain guardians, set to watch over Ireland until the Last Judgement Ballina, Co. Mayo. Doonass Falls, Castleconnell, Limerick.
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