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Holy Hills of Ireland

46 47 knockfeerinA, Cnoc Frinne, Limerick, the hill of truth, one of the three fairy hills of Munster. Donn Frinne, god of death and fertility, is now a Fairy King living inside it. He collects the clouds. Stones were added to his cairn at the start of Lughnasa celebrations. knockgreAn, Cnoc Grinne, Limerick, the home of Grinne the sun goddess and one of the three fairy hills of Munster. Its peak is Knockseefinn, the hill of Fionns fairy mound. knockMAA, Galway. On top is the massive neolithic cairn of goddess Meadhbh, of inebriation, sovereignty and horses, who takes many lovers and makes the land fertile. knockMAny, Cnoc Menach, Clogher, its summit mouNtaiNs CoNtiNued cairn has a megalithic chamber, the home of Fionn Mac Cumhaill many incised stones and alignments to the noonday sun and Loughcrew knocknAdoBAr, Cnoc na dTobar, Kerry, 2,207 ft, Lughnasa celebrations on the summit near six standing stones on the last July Sunday. St Fursas well here was also visited. knocknAshee, Cnoc na S, Sligo, the Hill of the Fairies, a huge limestone plateau topped by a large hill fort and two cairns. knocknAreA, Cnoc na Ra, Sligo. On its summit, 1,078 ft, is Meadhbhs enormous cairn, inside which she stands in a chamber, holding her spear and with her best fighting men. knockshegowna, Cnoc Sdh na, Tipperary, a place of fairy revels and magic, where the Lughnasa customs and games were on Garland Sunday in mid July. leAfrin hill, Donegal, an ancient fort, with a souterrain. The young gathered to pick blaeberries and drank broth made from a long grass. loughcrew, Sliabh na Caill, Meath The largest of this important hill ridges thirty passage cairns has a highly decorated stone in its chamber which is bathed by the equinoctial sun. Intriguingly the harvest goddess Cailleach Bharras cairn on Slieve Gullion is oriented towards Loughcrew, the other hill to bear her name. loughsAlt MountAin, Cnoc a Liathain, Donegal the Blaeberry Sundays brought crowds of young here for dancing, singing, games, match making and bilberry picking. keshcorrAn, Cis Chorainn, Sligo, has a cairn on its peak. It was given to Corann the harper by the Tuatha D Danann, and an enchanted sow was killed here. Garland Sunday observed by large crowds gathering near some caves used since neolithic times. kinAwley, Cill Nile, Fermanagh. On Donagh Sunday at the end of July the Lughnasa festivities included gathering round a great rock, and a visit to St Niles holy well. knockAiny, Cnoc ine, Limerick, sacred hill of goddess ine. A cairn covers her sdh. One of Munsters three fairy hills, the locals climbed it holding flaming torches on midsummers eve, and the goddess sometimes appeared in human form. Gougane Barra, Cork. Dunamase, Co. Laois.
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