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Holy Hills of Ireland

44 45 gazeteer of mouNtaiNs AltAdAvin, Alt a Deamhain, Tyrone, on Blaeberry Sunday, in late July, the Lughnasa customs were to climb the hill, pick berries, have sports and dancing and sit in St Patricks Chair. He had preached from it, and confined a serpent in a nearby rock. An dnA, Portacloy, Mayo, a promontory fort. The local youth ate the first potatoes before gathering here for Lughnasa customs and dancing on the last Sunday of July. AnAscAul, Abhainn an Scil, Kerry. C Chulainn fought a giant here for a week. Three cairns bear his name Lughnasa customs were held on Cucuhulains House, 1814 ft. ArdAgh hill, Ardachadh, Longford, or Br Lith, the sdh of Mdir, king of the Tuatha D Danann. He brought tain Echraidhe, an Ulster princes, here. She was turned into a pool by his wife, became a dragon fly and flew to Aonghus at Br na Binne. On the first August Sunday bilberries are picked, though a giant in the hill drags pickers into his lair. Aughris heAd, Sligo, on Garland Sunday, at Lughnasa, after eating the first potatoes rounds were made of a holy well, berries eaten, games played and much match making done. Lights appear in the fairy fort, when the Good People dance. BlAckstAirs MountAins, Wexford, Caher Roes Den, is a cave of Crom Cruach. He once lured a girl in, wanting to drag her below, but locals stopped her. A popular Lughnasa festival held on the last July Sunday. BAllyheAdy hill, Cavan. On it is a megalithic cairn with a Bronze Age burial cist. Lughnasa customs observed here up to the early 1900s BellAleenAn hill, Cavan. After St Patrick defeated Crom Cruach on Slieveanieran he blessed the well here at Lughnasa there was dancing, singing and sports and visits to the well. A fairy road is nearby. BelMore MountAin, Fermanagh. A cairn on its summit contains a passage and cruciform chamber. Lughnasa customs, sports and a fair continued into the 1950s Ben scArdAun, Leitrim, on Garland Sunday, the last in July, the locals ate the first potatoes, met by two standing stones at a lake, played music, and climbed up to strew flowers and collect bilberries. cAirns hill, Sligo, the Daghdhas resting place. On its summit is Meadhbhs vast cairn, calculated to contain over 40,000 tons of stones, covering a megalithic passage and its chambers. This goddess lives in it, waiting for the right moment to attack Ulster. cArntogher hill, Carnn Tachair, Derry, its hilltop cairn is inhabited by a giant, Tachar Mr, below it is a stone circle and a monolith. Fionns hound Bran made the lake, and groups climbed up on Bilberry Sunday to for Lughnasa celebrations. cArn treunA hill, Donegal. On Bilberry Sunday, at the beginning of August, the young went up the hill, made bilberry bracelets for the girls, told stories, sang, danced, and finally left the bracelets on the hill. cArrickAtuke MountAin, Armagh, on the summit was a cairn, but now only St Patricks chair remains. He tamed a ferocious bull here. Lughnasa customs on Blaeberry Sunday. Not long ago thousands would come. cArrickByrne hill, Wexford is topped by a cairn, used in the Lughnasa festival held on the second July Sunday. There is a hidden magical cave inside it. church MountAin, Sliabh Gad, Wicklow, the mountain was climbed for Lughnasa harvest rites, berry picking and games. There is a chambered cairn on the peak, and a holy well with medical powers. corleck hill, Cavan, a prehistoric stone head with three faces was found on this Lughnasa site. There is also had a holy well. croAgh PAtrick, Mayo, 2,510ft, the peak on which St Patrick prayed and fasted for forty days, asking for Gods favours and constantly surrounded by demonic birds, which he defeated with St Brigids bell. He also defeated the old god Lugh here, though the main pilgrimage day is still at Lughnasa time. croAghAun, Achill, Mayo, 2,192 ft, young people eat the first potatoes and climb this 2,139 ft hill on Garlic Sunday at the end of July, and pick berries downPAtrick heAd, Mayo, on Garland Sunday, the locals ate the first potatoes before coming here for Lughnasa customs of singing, dancing, sports and faction fighting. The pilgrims passed a great chasm, then went to an ancient church and finally the cliff edge. drung hill, Kerry, is topped by a megalithic cairn on Pilgrimage Sunday each house came with a cake and food, cooked on the summit, strew flowers and held a cattle fair. duBlin hills, probable site of Da Deargas Hostel, where king Conaire was killed gAinMhe hill, Donegal, the highest on Rosguill peninsula. The young gathered here, on a late summer Sunday, told stories, sang, and buried the flowers they had brought. There was a dancing competition, and the winner chose any girl he liked for his wife. hill of Allen, Cnoc Almhaine, Kildare, associated with stories of Fionn mac Cumhaill. hill of howth, Beann adar, Dublin. adar, a warrior died here for love of ine, the land goddess of Munster whose sdh was in Cnoc ine, Limerick. Diarmaid and Grinne and also Deirdre and the three sons of Uislu all took refuge here. Glen of the Downs, Wicklow.
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