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Holy Hills of Ireland

28 29 watery ways rivers and lakes Irish waters tell many mythological tales. Lough Owel, Westmeath, was hauled from place to place by giantesses, and in Lough Derg St Patrick met the serpent Corra, the warrior aspect of a triple goddess, who swallowed him. Lough Lagan, Roscommon, also contains a serpent, at Lough na Sil in Sligo, Lugh put out Balors eye, and goddess ine lives in Lough Gur, Limerick, as a mermaid. Lrs children became swans at Lough Derravarragh, Westmeath, and Eochaidhs great steeds urine Eochaidh is an epithet of the Daghdha formed Lough Neagh. The Boyne celebrates the goddess Binn, whose name ultimately derives from the Celtic word for wisdom, as indeed does the mythical Fionns. He too features in the rivers tales. A sacred hazel tree growing beside the Boynes source dropped the goddesss berries of wisdom into the river, and these were devoured by the salmon which Fionn then ate, giving him his seers powers. The Shannon also bears the name of a mothergoddess who gave both fertility and wisdom, and many water rites were performed at Lughnasa. Their horses swim in some lakes on Garlic Sunday ... believing this will render them healthy during the rest of the year an observer wrote in 1682, and they ... drive their cattle into some pool or river and therein swim with them. Opposite above Fionnloch, Co. Mayo, in which lurked a great serpent. Below Near Derrycunihy Cascade, Killarney.
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