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Holy Hills of Ireland

20 21 dowN south the mountains of Munster Limerick has three fairy mountains, inside which are sdh, otherworld palaces. Cnoc ines goddess lives in its hilltop cairn, which at certain times opens to let out the fairies, the S, while tribal ancestors inhabit three barrows. At midsummer locals circled them holding burning brands which they then took back to empower their fields. Cnoc Frinne, the Hill of Truth, houses the king of the S, a god of death and fertility who controls the clouds. New stones had to be added to its cairn by pilgrims, and young girls left gifts on the hillside at Bealtaine and Samhain, as well as flowers on its summit at Lughnasa. In the third of these hills, Cnoc Grinne, lives the sun goddess. Precious ores have great powers, so Lughnasa was celebrated on the Silvermines hills, whose central peak is Mathair Sliabh, the Mother Mountain. The breasts of three other divinities form the Paps of Anu in Cork. On Slieve Mish in Kerry Mls sons confronted the Tuatha D Dannans queen Banbha and buried their ancestress Scota, while at Slievenamon, Tipperary, Oisn was born. Bodhbh Dearg, king of the Tuatha D Dannan, also lives there, in a cairn along with the female S, and Kerrys Mount Brandon is also male. It was the sun gods long before St Brendan came. Opposite above Upper lake, Killarney. Below Gap of Dunlaoe, Kerry.
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