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Holy Hills of Ireland

14 15 iNNer divides the fifths of Ireland The Fr Bolg brothers division of Ireland into five created a middle section, Mdh, Westmeath and Meath, centring on Uisneach hill. Huge Beltaine fires welcomed in summer, its well, the Navel of Ireland, fed twelve rivers, Stonehenge stood here before Merlin removed it, and goddess riu dwelt here, as did one of the five sacred tribal trees. Tara, Mdhs royal site, houses two gods Lugh, foreteller of kings, and intoxicating Maedhbh who slept with them and gave sovereignty the new kings then drove chariots harnessed to unbroken horses against the stone penis Lia Fil to make it screech against the axles. On Ulsters royal hill, Emhain Macha, a sequence of imposing Iron Age round houses stood for centuries, with a Barbary apes skull buried under one of them. Then a vast circular wooden structure was erected, filled with stones taken from megalithic cairns, burned and buried, making a ritual centre by methods used at henges two thousand years earlier. Crachan, Connachts hill, has a divinity called Crochain Croidhearg, the BloodRed of sunset, death and gestation, and the great bulls of Ulster and Connacht fought here, as they did indeed elsewhere. Leinsters hill, Dn ilinne, had a large circular structure on it with similarities to Emhain Machas and its first kings parents were the goddess Binn and the rays of the sun. Above On early maps like this one Meath, the fifth part, is still given the same significance as the other provinces. Below The Forradh, or Royal Seat, Tara.
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