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Holy Hills of Ireland

4 5 NothiNg Lost the First live on The Lebor Gabla Erenn relates that Noahs granddaughter Cesair brought Irelands first settlers to Dingle. Only one survived, for five thousand years, sometimes as a fish or bird, and so saw the next lot land with Parthaln in Mayo. Their line also ended, in a plague. After that came Nemhedh. His wife, goddess Macha, lived on Ard Macha Armagh while Nemhedh cleared twelve plains for farming, lit the first fire at Uisneach, Irelands sacred centre, and drove some demonic giants called the Fomhire away to the west. His people then fled, but five, the Fr Bolg brothers, returned to split Ireland between them. Later, the Tuatha D Danann arrived, the tribe of the deities Anu and the Daghdha. They were metal workers. A magic cloud landed them at Lough Corrib and Sliabh an Iarann, the Iron Mountain, with magical tools the Lia Fil, Lughs spear, Nuadhas sword and the Daghdhas cauldron. They drove the Fr Bolg to the countrys western edges, but their kingship then fell to Lugh, a Celtic god described here as the Fomhire kings grandson. Some time afterwards Mls sons landed in Kerry. They threw back the Tuatha D Danann, finally forcing them to abandon this world and become underworld gods, with their homes inside the countrys hills and megalithic sites. Above Bantry Bay. The southwestern coasts hills and bays remember many ancient invasions. here the French attempted one in 1796, while in the far distance is Mount Gabriel, home to the archangel and also to some very early Bronze Age copper mines. Below Early Irish metalwork. Arrowheads, speartips and a cauldron.
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