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Herbal Healers

53 52 achillea millefolium Other names for Yarrow include Milfoil a thousand leaves, Nose Bleed, Old Mans Pepper, Soldiers Woundwort, Knights Milfoil, Bloodwort, Staunch Weed, Sanguinary, Devils Nettle, Devils Plaything and Yarroway. Harvest the clusters of small white flowers with the dark feathery leaves from Midsummer to early Autumn. One of the best fever remedies, Yarrow produces copious sweating, lowering the blood pressure. Take an infusion of the flowers and leaves in the bath, and also drink hourly until the fever subsides combine with elderflower and peppermint. Yarrow tones the blood vessels and aids digestion. It is a specific in thrombotic conditions associated with high blood pressure. It also contains a natural antiseptic which will ease cystitis. Use too for diarrhoea safe with children. It will speed up the clotting of blood and can be used for all wounds, old and new, rashes, haemorrhoids, and for checking over profuse menstruation. It is a useful emergency treatment to check haemorrhaging. Use the crushed leaves directly on cuts, for nose bleeds or earache. Chew them for toothache. In China, yarrow stalks are used with the I Ching oracle system in Europe, the Druids used yarrow to divine the weather. Yarrow strengthens and protects the etheric body the aura. Fevers Cold and flu Digestive tonic Menstruation Urinary antiseptic Diarrhoea All wounds
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