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Herbal Healers

47 46 salvia officinalis Also known as Garden Sage, Sawge old English, Salvia, Red Sage, White Sage and Sage the Saviour, the purple flowers appear from July onwards. The pale green leaves are best picked in July before the plant flowers. Sage leaf tea can be drunk whenever there is a weakness in the liver, kidneys, heart and digestive systems. It is a valued fever cure. As an antiseptic it can be used as a gargle for sore throats, tonsillitis, laryngitis swallowing the infusion afterwards and for any mouth infections, inflamed or bleeding gums and mouth ulcers. It dries up excess secretions sinusitis and catarrh and is excellent as a steam inhalation. Used externally, it is good for any wounds, sores or ulcers and for stopping bleeding. It contains oestrogen and, drunk hot, will bring on a delayed period and help in the treatment of hot flushes. Use with care, however, as it can be very drying mouth, anus and vagina it can even dry up mothers milk. Sage is often associated with the throat and enhances verbal communication, also releasing and expressing emotions more easily. Warning Do not take large doses for long periods. Do not use during pregnancy. Avoid if insulin dependent or epileptic. Liver, kidney and heart tonic Digestive aid Menstruation Antiseptic Excess secretions Throat Fevers Wounds
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