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Herbal Healers

45 44 rosemarinus officinalis Other names for Rosemary include Polar Plant, Compass Weed, Rosmarine rose of the sea, Incensier, Romero and The Pilgrims Flower. The small purple flowers can be collected and used with the dark needly leaves from May to September. Rosemary leaves strengthen the heart and increase circulation. Drink the infusion as a preventative against hardening of the arteries. It helps with cold limbs, poor circulation and chilblains. It will raise low blood pressure. Use as a stimulant for the whole system, when the body is sluggish or lethargic, and when there is a lack of concentration and a poor memory due to feeling cold. It is good for all nervous tensions and for headaches due to gastric disturbances and general debility. It is a liver and digestive remedy, relieving flatulence, colic and indigestion, and will help the body digest fatty or rich foods. Externally it may be used to ease muscular pains, neuralgia, on wounds, bites and stings, as an insecticide and as a hair rinse. Rosemary lets joy and love into the heart, dispelling grief, anger, hatred and bitterness. It strengthens, warms and stimulates. A symbol of love and loyalty which also enhances creativity. Warning Do not take during pregnancy with high blood pressure. Nervous system Heart and circulation Digestion and liver Muscle pains Blood pressure Headaches Wounds Hair tonic Insecticide
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