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Herbal Healers

43 42 urtica dioica urens Also known as Stinging Nettle, Common Nettle, and Netel, the hanging clusters of white flowers can be harvested with the dark green stinging leaves from May to September. Regular infusions of nettleleaf tea will tone up the whole body and cleanse the blood. Nettle is a powerful diuretic, increasing urination, and will clear the body of uric acid, thereby easing arthritis, rheumatism, stiff joints and failing muscular strength. It has long been used to soften and expel kidney stones. It will relieve bronchial and asthmatic conditions, wheezing and catarrh, clearing the body of accumulated phlegm. Also take for anaemia or bloodloss. It is a good herb to take in late pregnancy the high iron content will regulate haemoglobin levels and stimulate milk production. A strong infusion or poultice of the fresh leaves can be used for burns and to arrest bleeding. The fresh juice will antidote its own sting. It can also be used as a hair rinse, and to remove dandruff. The fresh leaves and shoot tips can be picked in the spring and boiled and eaten as a vegetable or in soups. Nettle is good if you need to get in touch with your fiery energy. Drink an infusion daily to break free of stagnant emotional states and to contact the warrior within. Use for protection against negativity. Blood cleanser Spring tonic Wounds Arthritis Rheumatism Stiffness Asthma
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