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Herbal Healers

41 40 Other names for this herb include Meadsweet, Doll Off, Queen of the Meadows, Bridewort and Lady of the Meadow. The creamy yellow flowers have a distinctive smell and are picked with the leaves in July and August. An infusion of Meadowsweet flowers reduces excess acidity in the stomach and the duodenum, protecting and soothing the mucus membranes of the digestive tract. Use for heartburn, hyperacidity, gastritis and peptic ulcers. It cleanses the body of harmful acids and is used for any inflammatory condition such as rheumatoid arthritis. This is a strong diuretic increases urine which can be used for bladder and kidney complaints. It reduces stagnation in the liver and helps the immune system function more effectively. The flowers will bring out a really good sweat, lowering fevers. Use for childrens infectious diseases chickenpox, mumps, diarrhoea and feverish colds. Also, take with honey for a pleasant diet drink. Meadowsweet expands the psyche and builds inner strength, enhancing flexibility and alignment to divine purpose. Traditionally gathered for wedding garlands and posies. Warning Contains salicylic acid aspirin which affects the rate at which blood clots. Avoid if on anticoagulant drugs. Mild sedative and painkiller Fevers Immune system Inflammation Arthritis Diarrhoea esp. children Ulcers filipendula ulmaria
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