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Herbal Healers

39 38 calendula officinalis Also known as Golds, Ruddes, Mary Gowles, Oculus Christi, Pot Marigold and Mary Gold, the yellow to deep orange petals are picked June to August. A powerful healing remedy, safe to use with babies and children. Use an infusion of the flowers internally and externally for varicose veins, eye infections conjunctivitis, wounds in the digestive tract ulcers or colitis and for slow healing wounds. Marigold flowers are a powerful blood cleanser for boils, eczema, acne and act on the lymphatic system swollen lymph glands, tonsillitis. Take them whenever the immune system is lowered, and for viral and fungal infections candida. The leaves and flowers can be eaten raw. It is a potent liver remedy jaundice, hepatitis and helps relieve PMT by stimulating the action of the liver, thus speeding up the breakdown of hormones. It will regulate irregular menstruation, heal vaginal infections especially thrush and wounds caused by gynaecological surgery. Calendula will bring comfort to the spirit. It has a soothing effect after shock, trauma or anger. Warning Avoid during pregnancy. Immune system Wounds Sprains Burns Wasp and bee stings Liver Blood cleanser Viral and fungal infections Reproductive system
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