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Herbal Healers

37 36 melissa officinalis This herb also goes by the names of Sweet Balm, Balm Mint, Bee Balm, Cure All, Melissa, or just Balm. The small white flowers are traditionally picked on midsummers day but are available with the leaves from June to August. Balm is an excellent calming herb which will soothe all digestive pains and upsets due to wind, tension and anxiety. It will help in the digestion of fatty foods. Try drinking an infusion of the leaves after a heavy meal to reduce bloating and discomfort. The same infusion has a tonic effect on the heart and circulatory system, regulating the flow of blood round the body, helping to lower blood pressure. It is also a useful herb to take during the menopause, helping with hot flushes, depression, anxiety and palpitations. Taken regularly, melissa can regulate irregular menstruation and ease period pains. It is safe to use in pregnancy for headaches, dizziness and morning sickness. The infusion will lower fevers and promote sweating in colds and flu, and bring relief from chronic bronchial catarrh and coughs. Rub the fresh leaves directly onto insect bites. Balm drives away all troubles and cares, lifts the spirits and eases depression. It is soothing and expansive, opening the heart and increasing mental stamina, memory and calm focus. Digestive system Heart and circulation Fevers Menstruation Menopause Antidepressant
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