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Herbal Healers

35 34 lavendula officinalis Also known as Stickadore, Spikenard, Nard, Nardus, Asarum and Elf Leaf, the small purple flowers are harvested from June to August. Lavender is a gentle strengthening tonic for the nervous system. Make an infusion of the flowers for states of nervous debility and exhaustion, insomnia, physical and mental tension, and migraines and headaches related to stress and the sun. It prevents fainting and allays nausea and travel sickness. Use lavender as a tea and in baths for easing the aches and pains of rheumatism and any general weakness of the limbs. Externally, use as a mouthwash for infected gums and mouth ulcers, insect bites, infections and sunburn. It cleanses the bloodstream of toxins, strengthening the liver and clearing stagnation. It also strengthens the stomach, reducing bloating and wind after meals, and lowers blood pressure, calming palpitations of the heart and hot flushes. Lavender brings relaxation, deeper states of meditation, trance states and a oneness with all things. It helps bring spiritual understanding into everyday life. Use as an incense for cleansing, new beginnings, for connection to your potential and unformed ideas. Warning Do not use with insulin diabetic. Avoid if epileptic. Nervous debility Exhaustion Insomnia Liver Digestive stimulant Antiseptic Lowers blood pressure Migraines
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