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Herbal Healers

humulus lupulus 33 32 Also known as Hop Vine, Beer Plant and Lupulus, this perennial hedgerow climber has vinelike leaves. Gather the female scaly green flowers before they are fully ripe in AugustSeptember, drying them carefully in the shade. An infusion of Hop flowers can be used as a mild sedative tea, for digestive problems, and as an appetite stimulant. It has a marked relaxing effect on the central nervous system, relieving tensions and anxiety, especially where this causes headaches, indigestion, irritable bowels, duodenal ulcers and restlessness. An antiaphrodisiac. A prime remedy in the treatment of insomnia and nightmares, Hop pillows can be made each year by filling a small cotton pillow case with crushed hop flowers and a handful of Lavender flowers. Alternatively, drink an infusion of the flowers at night before bed. Make a poultice of hop flowers to help abscesses and boils come to a head and for the treatment of itchy skin conditions, sores and wounds. As a painkiller, hops can be used to relieve toothache and earache. The flowers may also be eaten raw or mixed with honey. Hops increase urine flow and reduce water retention, cleansing the kidneys of stones, and the bloodstream of poisons. It reduces anxiety, irritability and restlessness. Good for adolescence. Warning Do not use if you feel depressed. Insomnia Nervous conditions Sores Toothache Earache Kidneys Ulcers
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