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Herbal Healers

31 30 crataegus monogyna Hawthorn is also known as May Tree, May Quick, Quickthorn, Whitethorn, Haw, Hagthorn, Bread and Cheese Tree, or just Thorn. The berries go by the names of Pixie Pears, Cuckoo Beads, Chucky Cheese and Ladies Meat. The May flowers are white or pink and have a strong heady smell harvest them with the leaves through to June. The deep red berries are picked in October. A herbal decoction of hawthorn berries is the primary remedy for all problems of the heart. Drunk regularly as a pleasant tea, it relieves palpitations, angina, hardening of the arteries, water retention and poor circulation. It will regulate high or low blood pressure, depending on the need, and gently brings the heart to normal function, improving its general condition. It is safe to take this excellent herb regularly in old age, and for any nervous conditions including stress and insomnia. A poultice of the pulped berries andor leaves has strong drawing powers, and has long been used for embedded thorns, splinters and whitlows. Hawthorn releases blocked subtle energies, opening the heart to giving and receiving love. By releasing stress it enhances the persons ability to let go and trust. Use to heal broken hearts. Heart conditions Circulation Nervous conditions Regulates the heart Draws out splinters
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