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Herbal Healers

27 26 foeniculum vulgare Other names for Fennel include Fenkel, Sweet Fennel and Marathon. Fennel has small yellow flowers which have a strong aniseed smell like all parts of the plant. Harvest the leaves during the summer and the seeds and bulbs in the Autumn. The leaves and seeds are used for all gastric disturbances, stimulating digestion, reducing bloating and helping to expel wind. Drink as a refreshing tea after meals especially the bruised seeds. Chewing the leaves or seeds will greatly relieve hunger pains and constipation. A slimming aid. Fennel gets rid of cold and dampness. An infusion will help bronchitis, asthma or any lung condition where catarrh has accumulated. It soothes harsh and irritating coughs. A tea made from the bruised seeds can be safely drunk by nursing mothers to increase milk production, passing through the milk to the baby to reduce wind and colic. It is the main ingredient of gripe water. The fresh juice of the leaves has long been used for clearing the eyesight if misty, and a decoction of the roots and leaves will neutralise vegetable poisons from mushrooms etc.. Use this nourishing and sustaining plant whenever you need to be nurtured. It calms and soothes the emotions, loosening sensuality. Warning Uterine stimulant. Use sparingly when pregnant. Digestive tonic Lung remedy Gastric Disturbances
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