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Herbal Healers

25 24 sambucus nigra Also known as Ellhorn, Ellanwood, Bore Tree, Pipe Tree, Rob Elder, Hylder, Hylan Tree, Eldrum, Elhorn, Hollunder, Sureau and QueenofTrees, Elderflowers are small, creamywhite and musty smelling harvest them in May and June, and the leaves all summer. Make an infusion of the flowers as an excellent daily spring tonic. Drink hot as a tea to promote perspiration in fevers and for expectoration of any excess mucus in the head or lungs. Elderflower will help any catarrhal inflammations like hayfever, sinusitis, catarrhal deafness and coughs. Elderflowers are a sedative and can be drunk before bed to promote a peaceful sleep. The flowers can also be used externally as an excellent skin tonic and along with the leaves can be used on wounds, bruises, sprains, burns and scalds. Rub the fresh leaves on the skin as an insecticide. A lotion can be made by pouring boiling water on the blossoms. Infuse for an hour and then strain. This can be used for cooling and soothing the skin, for rashes and particularly for bathing the eyes. Elder is useful for the relief of stuck emotionally congested states. It will help to move fears and bring clarity, easing worries and night fears. Drink as a tea before bed, or sleep with some flowers under your pillow. Grow near the house for protection and prosperity. Specific for phlegm Colds Fevers Catarrh Sore eyes Coughs Skin tonic Spring tonic
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