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Herbal Healers

23 22 taraxacum officinale Also known as Pissinthebed, Devils Milkpail, Priests Crown, Blow Ball, Cankerwort, Lions Tooth, Wild Endive and Swines Snout, Dandelion has yellow flowers which only open fully in the sunshine. Collect aerial parts from May to August, roots November to March. Eaten raw in a salad or taken as an infusion, dandelion leaves act as a blood cleanser and lymph tonic, removing poisons from the system. It is helpful for all deepseated chronic infections and viruses, for arthritis and rheumatism. Dandelion leaf is the remedy for kidney and bladder complaints, like cystitis. The root is useful for all diseases of the liver hepatitis and jaundice, and for helping the body digest fatty foods. It is good for relieving constipation. It has also long been used as an effective treatment for duodenal and stomach ulcers. Dandelion root helps the blood in the veins circulate and therefore is helpful in treating varicose veins and haemorrhoids or as a preventative. Split the stems and rub the juice onto bee stings, warts, blisters and old sores. This is a very useful herb for emotional stagnation, turning depression into expression and selfempowerment. Warning Do not use if there are kidney stones. Blood cleanser Lymph tonic Kidneys Liver Stomach Arthritis
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