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Herbal Healers

21 20 Also known as The Son before the Father, Coughwort, Hall Foot, Horse Foot, Asss Foot, Foals Foot, Fieldhove, Bulls Foot and Country Tobacco Plant. Coltsfoot leaves are green on top, and white and furry underneath. The flowers appear first and can be picked in February, harvest the leaves in March and April. Coltsfoot has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. The infusion of flowers or leaves will soothe dry coughs and help dry up phlegm. It is a decongestant colds and a relaxant, useful for asthma and breathlessness. The zinc it contains will heal any damaged or diseased tissue and has a marked antiinflammatory effect. It is soothing to the throat and larynx and will help tonsillitis, laryngitis and bronchitis. If you are a smoker, allergic to dust, or cycle or walk in the city, drink coltsfoot tea regularly to help clear the lungs of tar, dust and other pollutants. Coltsfoot can be dried and smoked as a herbal tobacco which actually has a beneficial effect on the lungs The crushed leaves or a decoction can be applied directly onto insect bites, boils, inflammations, burns or ulcers. Coltsfoot tea can be drunk to help clear the vibrational channels, to help enhance clairvoyance and for receiving messages. It may also be burnt as an incense. Lungs Coughs Respiratory problems External skin problems tussilago farfara
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