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Herbal Healers

19 18 Cleavers is also known as Sticky Willy, Goosegrass, Catchweed, Hedgeriff, Hayriffe, Robinruninthegrass, Bedstraw, Goosebill, Grip Grass, Loveman, Everlasting Friendship, Clivers and Tongebledes. The stems and fruit catch on clothes and animal fur. Pick the flowers and leaves in June and July. Taken as an infusion, cleavers is a prime blood purifier and an important spring tonic. It is a deep acting cleanser and diuretic, which will strengthen and stimulate the lymphatic system and hence improve the immune system and fluid balance. Take an infusion of cleavers for a few weeks after viral infections, antibiotic drugs, chemotherapy, steroids and antidepressants. This is the remedy for long lasting viral infections and for any disease of the lymphatic system where there are swollen glands, such as mumps, tonsillitis and so on. The infusion will soothe all mucus membranes, reducing inflammation in the mouth, gut, vagina and bladder cystitis. Used externally as well as internally it also benefits dry skin diseases such as psoriasis and dandruff. The crushed leaves can be applied directly onto sores and blisters. Also an old time tonic added to beer. Cleavers has a calming, soothing influence on the emotions, renewing strength and energy. Take before a change in direction. Blood purifier Tonic for the Lymphatic system Immune system Skin conditions Cystitis galium aparine
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