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Herbal Healers

17 16 stellaria media Other names for Chickweed include Starweed, Starwort, Adders Mouth, Tongue Grass, Satin Flower and Stellaire French. Its small starlike flowers appear all year round. Harvest the flowers and leaves from June to August. A supreme healer, whether used externally or internally, chickweed can be eaten raw in salads or as a spinach. Use an infusion of the leaves to soothe all inflammations of the digestive system, including stomach ulcers, colitis, cramps. It has an affinity to the lungs, and is helpful for bronchitis, pleurisy, coughs and hoarseness. For rheumatism, use both internally and externally. Use internally for blood poisoning and for cleansing the whole system. Chickweed is a healing demulcent soothes inflamed tissue, and has remarkable drawing powers, absorbing impurities from the skin to heal boils, abscesses, wounds and sores and eczema. Apply the plant directly on the skin, cover with a large leaf from a cabbage, lettuce or geranium, and bind with a cotton bandage. Change the chickweed every three hours. It is also good for irritating skin problems like heat rash. This herb enhances compassion and receptivity, and is helpful for people who are too selfcontained and controlled. Healing Soothing and cooling to the Skin Digestive System Lungs and Blood Draws out Poisons
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