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Herbal Healers

7 6 Herbal teas are prepared either as an infusion or as a decoction. Keep a special teapot for this, and make the tea in the spirit of positive awareness and thanks for the Earths gifts. You will be surprised how much this openhearted attitude will help in the healing process. Infusion or Tisane Soft ariel parts, leaves and flowers Use between half and one ounce 15 g25 g of the dried herb to one pint 570ml of water. Two to three times more fresh herb is needed. Pour boiling water over the herb cover, to keep in the essential oils, and leave to infuse for ten minutes. Strain off the herb. Drink a cupful three times a day before meals for chronic conditions which develop slowly over a long period or every hour for acute illnesses which come on suddenly and intensely. This brew will keep for two to three days if kept covered in the fridge. I like to drink it chilled in a wine glass, but it can be gently reheated without boiling, with a spoonful of honey to sweeten. Single dose One teasp of dried herb to one cup 225 ml of water. Decoction bark, roots, seeds and leaves Method One The hard woody parts of plants need a greater heat before they can impart their properties into water. Chop or crush the bark, roots or seeds use the same proportions as for infusions, and place all ingredients in a saucepan not aluminium. Bring to the boil, cover, and simmer for ten to fifteen minutes. When cool, pour the unstrained liquid into a glass or pottery jug, and keep covered in the fridge. Dosage is the same as an infusion. Method Two Using the same proportions as an infusion, pour cold water onto the leaves, and let them stand overnight. This will produce a strong solution. Honey Syrup for children Less palatable herbs can be flavoured with honey or a suitable aromatic herb. Bring slowly to the boil one pint of the infusion or decoction of herbs, with two to four tablespoons of honey, until the mixture turns syrupy. Strain and keep cool for up to two weeks. for internal use
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