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Herbal Healers

5 4 Many medicinal leaves, flowers and seeds can be eaten raw in salads, or straight off the plant, but it is more usual to take them in the form of herbal teas, taken 3 times a day. Recipes are usually given in amounts of dried herb, because of their all year round availability, but it is always good to use a freshly picked herb which still holds the vibrant vital energy of the plant. Dried herbs do have a concentrated strength, so larger amounts of the fresh herb are needed. 1 teasp dried herb 5 ml 3 teasp or 1 tablesp of fresh herb. For young people, the weak and the very elderly, halve the amount of herb. The herbs in this book have been chosen for their safe, easyto recognise qualities. It would be hard to confuse them with any other plant which might be poisonous and it would be hard to overdose with any of these herbs the worse that could happen is a headache, stomach ache or diarrhoea. A responsible and common sense approach is always vital when using herbal remedies. Large doses do not necessarily work better in fact the reverse is sometimes true, as subtler energies are released which affect the body on other levels. Modern medicine works on the assumption that we need instant results, but a slower healing process allows for greater understanding of the illness, bringing changes in lifestyle, diet and attitude, which will aid the effectiveness of the herbal treatment. Generally it is not recommended to use a herb or a combination of herbs for more than 12 weeks, because of the dangers of certain chemicals building up in the body. Most minor conditions will improve within a few days and chronic problems within several weeks. As soon as the condition shows signs of improvement, gradually reduce the amount of herb until you feel you no longer need the remedy. Professional advice should be sought if there is no improvement after 812 weeks, or if there is a deterioration in the condition. time and quantity
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