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Herbal Healers

3 2 an ancient system The traditional European system of medical astrology links each herb to one of the planets Sun , Moon , Mercury , Venus , Mars , Jupiter and Saturn and to the four elements of Air digestion, Fire attraction, Water expulsion and Earth retention. These are expressed as personality characteristics known as the four humours. Sanguine Air types . Hot and Moist. Expansive, commun icative, quickthinking and intuitive. Ruled by Jupiter growth, dispersion, nutrition, the liver, fat cells and blood plasma. Choleric Fire types . Hot and Dry. Energetic, passionate, enthusiastic and inspired. Ruled by the Sun the vital spirit, heart and circulation and Mars red blood cells, gall bladder. Phlegmatic Water types . Cold and Moist. Emotional, deep, feeling, psychic and sensitive. Ruled by the Moon fluids, lymph glands and menstruation and Venus kidneys and reproduction. Melancholic Earth types . Cold and Dry. Careful, analytical, slow to react and liking boundaries. Ruled by Saturn bones, teeth, skin and spleen and Mercury brain, nervous system, reflexes, thyroid and breathing. Herbs are absorbed in teas, herbal salads or through the skin. They balance the humours, restoring equilibrium. Herbs which specifically strengthen and tone certain organs or systems can be used as a preventative medicine before any illness manifests itself.
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