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Herbal Healers

1 The wild plants and herbs of our land have long been used for their medical properties. They are our inherent connection to nature and aid our own effective ability and power to help ourselves when we are ill, instead of relying on costly, harsh, chemically produced drugs, which often have harmful side effects. Herbal remedies have been verified by modern scientific methods to have effective and deep acting properties. Working with herbs is a participatory process from growing the herbs in your garden, or collecting herbs from the wild, to drying the herbs and making herbal preparations. Gardening takes on a new dimension as you harvest your weeds for future medication, add helpful herbs to salads, or concoct your own herb teas. You can, of course, buy the ready dried herbs and herbal preparations from your local health shop. I have chosen familiar, common and easy to recognise herbs, which can be used safely for a variety of common ailments and First Aid situations. Choose to work with the herbs you are naturally drawn towards, tuning into the plant and its subtle energy. Knowledge will grow as you use the herbs as a system and as you try things out and observe the results for yourself. However, should the symptoms persist or worsen, a trained medical herbalist or doctor should be consulted. Derbyshire 2002 AD
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