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Herbal Healers

For my children Jerry, Jack and May and to my partner, Brian Boothby. My thanks to the plant kingdom for their constant and abundant gifts to humankind, and to Brian Boothby for his invaluable support and advice. May we remember to recognise that healing takes place on many levels. As herbs affect and heal our bodies, they also affect and heal our emotions and minds through the integration of their vital energy on many subtle levels of our being. Introduction 1 General considerations 2 Dosage 4 Herbal preparations for internal use 6 Herbal preparations for external use 8 Collecting Drying 10 Bramble 12 Chamomile 14 Chickweed 16 Cleavers 18 Coltsfoot 20 Dandelion 22 Elderflower 24 Fennel 26 Garlic 28 Hawthorn 30 Hops 32 Lavender 34 Lemon Balm 36 Marigold 38 Meadow Sweet 40 Nettle 42 Rosemary 44 Sage 46 St. Johns Wort 48 Thyme 50 Yarrow 52 Other useful plants 54 Repertory 56
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