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Hedgerow Cookbook

43 42 Nuts and seeds can be dried and stored for winter use. Nuts are best stored in their shells. Check for any insect holes Dried seeds are bruised with a pestle and mortar before use. Quercus robur. Excellent oak coffee. Roast the peeled kernels in a heavy frying pan until golden. Grind and roast again. 45 Prunus dulcis. Nuts can be found in the South. Use in cakes and biscuits. Grind them to make a flour. 41 Galium aparine. The seeds may be roasted in a pan for an excellent coffee substitute. op. Papaver rhoeas. Shake dry seed heads into paper bags. Sprinkle on bread, cakes and cream cheese. op. Foeniculum vulgare. Add the seeds to bread sauces, stir fries and stews. Also use to make a wonderful tea to aid digestion. 45 Corylus avellana. Eat the green nuts raw. Use them dried in cakes, biscuits, nut butters, spreads, nut roasts and nut burgers. op. Malva sylvestris. Seeds known as cheeses. 17 Tropaeolum majus. Harvest in September. Add the seeds to salads or pickle them in vinegar to resemble capers. 45 Castanea sativa. Slit the inner shell and roast by a fire or on a shovel nearby. They may be boiled, skinned and made into pure, chestnut stuffing, burgers and soup. op. Juglans regia. October to November. Use in savoury recipes like stirfry vegetables, tomato pasta dishes, or in salad dishes with rice. Bake in cakes. Pickle them when green page 30. 41
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