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Hedgerow Cookbook

38 Use a mixture of 2 parts rowan berries to 1 part crab or cooking apples. Make in the usual way see page 36. Wash and rough cut crab apples and other fruit medlars, quinces, elderberries or damsons. Add water to a third of the way up the fruit. Boil until soft. Rub through a sieve and weigh the pulp. Return to a clean pan with an equal weight of sugar. Bring slowly to the boil, stirring in the sugar, then hard boil for at least an hour. Setting point is reached when the mixture forms soft balls when dropped into cold water. Spread into an oiled baking tin and leave to set. Cut into chunks and wrap in waxed paper. Store in a cool place. Serve with cheese or diced and dusted with icing sugar. Quick and easy and a firm favourite. Make a pulp by boiling 2 lbs of rough chopped apples in some water, and pass through a sieve to remove seeds, core and skin. Do the same with 2 lbs of elderberries just a little water needed. Combine the two pulps, adding 4 lbs of sugar, and boil for about ten minutes until it thickens. Makes seven jars of jam. Prick one pint of sloes and put them into a wide necked jar. Sprinkle in 2 oz of sugar and top up with gin or vodka. Cork and shake daily for three months. Strain off the fruit and rebottle. Leave for a year if you can resist the temptation Trim the ginsoaked sloes from the stones and add to melted chocolate or fruit cake. Make other fruit liqueurs in the same way with damsons, bullace, crab apples or juniper berries. A traditional liqueur made by the same method as sloe gin with hawthorn berries and brandy. 39
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