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Hedgerow Cookbook

36 Wash the fruit and simmer gently in a little water, sugar or honey to taste. Keep the lid on the pan to keep the flavours in. A bunch of sweet cicely will reduce the amount of sugar needed. To make a fruit pure, sieve to remove seeds and skins. Beat to a smooth paste. Alternatively, fruit can be stewed in a covered pan with a little butter. Mix cold sweet pure and whipped double cream or cream and yoghurt. Serve chilled with a flower or fruit garnish. Line a pie dish with sweet pastry add 2 oz sugar to basic recipe on page 12. Bake for 15 mins in a medium oven. Chop fruit into thin slices and lay in the crust. Make a honey and water syrup, thickened with arrowroot, agar agar or fruit pure. Bring to the boil and pour over the fruit. Serve with cream. Chop 2 lbs of crab apples. Just cover with cold water, adding ginger slices and half a lemon to taste. Simmer until the fruit is pulped. Pour the pulp into a jelly bag or sieve lined with muslin to drip overnight do not squeeze or your jelly will be cloudy. Measure and add 1 lb of sugar for each pint of juice. Stir over a low heat and then rapid boil until the mixture shows signs of setting when dribbled onto a cold plate. Pour into sterilised jam jars. Leave to set. Cover with greaseproof paper rounds and seal. Made by the same method, using equal amounts of cooking apples and blackberries. Combine an assortment of hedgerow fruits with half the amount of crab or cooking apples to help it set. 37
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