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Hedgerow Cookbook

22 Cardamine hirsuta. Use the leaves and flowers from the middle of the plant. Good spicy cress flavour for salads and sandwich spreads. Found on scrub and walls. 19 Alliaria petiolata. Also known as Hedge Garlic, or Garlic Mustard. For a mild garlic flavour add to almost anything. Found in hedgerows and woodland edges. op. Melissa officinalis. Lemon taste. A long natura lised garden escape. Use in salads, puddings and summer drinks. 19 Origanum vulgare. A native perennial, common on pasture, hedgebanks and scrub. Use with tomato and pasta. op. Salicornia europaea. Also known as Glasswort, it looks likes a miniature cactus. Excellent flavour. Common in salt marshes and tidal mudflats all around the coast. 29 Mentha rotundifolia, found in hedgerows. Also Mentha aquatica, found in streams and ditches. Use in drinks, fruit salads and salads. 25, 31 Crithmum maritimum. See page 8. 27 Halimone portulacoides. A native shrub of marshes, estuaries and estuarine rivers. Steam the fleshy leaves. 27 wild Thymus vulgaris. Native on sandy heaths and grassland. Add to soups, stews, salads, egg and tomato dishes. op. Foeniculum vulgare. Found on dry soil near the sea. Add leaves to salads, egg and fish dishes. Use the leaves fresh in sandwiches. Add the seeds to bread. Avoid the bulb. op. 23
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