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Hedgerow Cookbook

21 20 Sambucus nigra. A lovely native tree with white sweet smelling clusters of flowers which appear in the late spring. Use for herbal tea, cordial, champagne and wine. Batter and deep fry the whole flower head Sprinkle flowers into salads and fruit salads. op. Crataegus monogyna. A common native tree, flowering May to June. Sprinkle into salads, fruit salads and fruit cups. Use for making wine, liqueur, and a refreshing herbal tea. 29 Tilia vulgaris. Flowers midsummer. For herbal tea. op. Calendula officinalis. Flowers in August. Add petals to salads and soups keep too for the winter. A good herbal tea. 25 Tropaeolum majus. Also known as Indian Cress, it flowers from midsummer to autumn. Add the nutritious leaves, flowers and buds to salads, stirfries and sandwiches. Batter the flower and deep fry. A spicy, cresslike flavour and a stunning garnish. 25 Viola tricolor Primula vulgaris. Use in salads and as a garnish. Both can be candied or frittered. 29, 17 Trifolium pratense. Found growing in the grass, flowering May to September. Use in salads and battered. op. sweet Violata ordorata. Flowers in the spring. Good in salads, fruits salads, and for flavouring rice dishes and puddings. 17 Rosa canina. Also known as Dog Rose. For salads, rose petal jam, and wine. They can also be candied. op. Fragaria vesca. Found on dry grassland and in woods. Delicious small fruits appear from June onwards. 31
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