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Hedgerow Cookbook

19 18 The summer months are the traditional time to gather wild herbs. They are useful additions to salads and summer pies and are also worth gathering, hanging up to dry and storing for the winter months, when they can be lavishly added to soups and stews. Wild herbs have less flavour than cultivated herbs so you need more of them. They are very hardy and can easily be grown in your garden for a wealth of different flavours to add to your cooking. Flowers are also a source of food at this time of year. They can be added to salads and fruit salads, and make stunning garnishes. Use them for a spark of unusual colour or flavour. Try nibbling flowers on a walk, but never overpick them from the wild. Growing them yourself is best, as they need to be used fresh and you are then not robbing from the wild. Many of the mushrooms, nuts and fruits discussed in the Autumn section of this book also begin to appear in the late summer. wild flowers and herbs Cytisus scoparius. Flowers March to June. Add the buds to salads, or toss into stirfry vegetables at the last minute. 27 Borago officinalis. Flowers midsummer. Add the bright blue flowers to salads, fruits salads or fruit cups. Good candied. 5 Malus sylvestris. Flowers mid to late spring. Add to salads. They can also be candied. op. Chamaemelum nobile. Flowers midsummer to autumn. A refreshing, calming and soothing tea. op.
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