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Hedgerow Cookbook

11 10 Centranthus ruber. A common edible wall plant with a pleasant taste. Add the small leaves to salads. The larger ones can be cooked. op. Sanguisorba minor. A native meadow salad plant, easily found in the summer by its unusual dark red flowers a bit like a raspberry. Good in gardens. Eat the young cucumberflavoured leaves, adding to salads or as a garnish for potatoes. op. Beta vulgaris. Common on seashores and coastal paths. Strip leaves from the stem. Wash well. 13 Capsella bursapastoris. Also known as Pepper Salt and Mothers Heart. A common cress with white flowers and heartshaped seed cases. The leaves have an aromatic taste. op. Rumex acetosa. A wellknown spinach vegetable, it is always easy to find its small arrowheaded leaves in the spring. Adds a sharp lemony taste to salads, is good in a spinach mix, or made into a traditional French soup. High in oxalic acid do not overeat. 13 Tanacetum vulgare. A vigorous perennial with yellow button flowers, found in hedgerows, meadows and waste ground. Traditionally the young leaves were used at Easter in puddings, cakes and in egg dishes. They are very bitter, use sparingly. 17 Oxalis acetosella. A salad vegetable in the 14th century, and an attractive plant to grow in shaded areas of the garden. The leaves may be added to salads and soups. A sharp but delicate flavour, not to be overused high in oxalic acid. op.
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