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Hedgerow Cookbook

9 8 Aegopodium podagraria. Also known as Bishopsweed, Gout Weed and Herb Gerard. Cook as spinach. 13 Crataegus monogyna. Also May Tree or Bread and Cheese Tree. Add young shoots to salads for a nice nutty flavour. 29 Humulus lupulus. Steam the young leaf shoots. op. Alchemilla filicaulis. Found on grassland and open woods. Use the young fresh leaves in salad. op. Cardamine pratensis. Also known as Cuckoo Flower or Bittercress. Rich in vitamins and minerals. An old cultivated salad herb with a flavour similar to Watercress. Found beside streams, in damp meadows and in woodlands. Pale lilac flowers. An attractive garden plant which will selfseed once established. op. Malva sylvestris. Widespread on hedgebanks and waysides. Purple flowers July to September. The leaves are used in making a popular middle eastern soup called mouloukhia. 17 Stinging Urtica dioica. Use the young spring tops in nettle soup, nettle beer, and nettle pudding. A powerful tonic. 15 Atriplex patula. Iron root. Delicious leaves. 15 Allium ursinum. With its white flowers it grows in woods and damp shady places. There is a strong smell of garlic wherever it grows. The long juicy leaves can be used in large quantities raw in salads and sandwiches, or cooked. 59 Crithmum maritimum. Best from midsummer until September. Common along the coast. Pick the whole plant. Wash in running water before boiling. Serve with butter. 27
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