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Hedgerow Cookbook

7 6 Typha latifolia. Also known as CatTail or Greater Reedmace, this common waters edge plant is a treasure. The spring shoots can be added to stir fries. The young flowering shoot is like asparagus. Later, the young flower head can be cooked like corn on the cob. If mature, its pollen can be used as flour. The insides of the cooked roots can be roasted and taste like sweet chestnuts. op. Lesser Arctium minus. Eat the youngest leaves as spinach or in salads. Strip the stems and eat in salads or steamed like asparagus. One of the best blood purifiers and tonics. 9 Stellaria media. Cook the whole plant as a spinach vegetable, and add to soups. Add the young leaves to salads. Tradi tionally eaten to build up the blood and strengthen the heart. op. Taraxacum officinale. Use as a spinach vegetable, and in salads, and torn into sandwiches with salt and pepper. If you grow dandelions for food, remove the flower heads. To blanch and lessen the bitterness, cover with a plant pot and straw. Perfect for early salads. A powerful blood cleanser and spring tonic. op. Oenothera biennis. A large plant found on dunes. Use leaves and flowers in salads, or cook the roots. 15 Chenopodium album bonus henricus . Delicious spinachlike vegetables, eaten for over 2000 years. Use in soups and stews. Grow in the kitchen garden. The unopened flower heads can be steamed. If adding the leaves to salads then pick young. Prevent the flowers from forming and one plant will last for about 5 years. Mulch to encourage spring shoots. op. 5.
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