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Hedgerow Cookbook

1 Hedgerow cookery is an experience, an experiment, and a delight for all those interested in our native plants, countrylore, history, herbal medicines, and above all, food. I use hedgerow as a loose term, to include plants found in meadows and woodlands, and garden escapes which may be found wherever humans have inhabited in the past or present. If you have a garden, let a bit of the wilderness in, and put aside areas where edible wild plants can grow. Many of these will thrive in shady places and in poor soils, along the hedgerows of your garden, and can be harvested as and when needed. No garden is without weeds, but if you eat them as well, then weeding becomes harvesting. Horticulture has encouraged us to undervalue our native wild flowers, but by introducing native edible plants into your garden, you can always find something to add to salads, soups and stirfries. Importantly, those freshly picked leaves, shoots and flowers will be bursting with fresh vitamins and minerals, long gone from vegetables which have sat for days in shops. I have also included some garden plants which are worth growing for their food value. Knowing which plants are edible, where to find them and when to find them, brings a deeper connection to our natural world, and brings you full circle to the knowledge of our ancestors. For my mum, Margaret Newman, with appreciation of all the love and encouragement she has always given me, and for my daughter, May. This book is dedicated to Mother Earth in gratitude for all her abundant gifts. Remember It is your responsibility to use a good field guide. Never ever eat a plant you are not entirely sure of
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