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24 roTary unison 11 eggs and shells At first this is disappointing Unison in contrary motion produces a straight line across the paper, like the closed phase of lateral unison. From concurrent motion there comes a mere dot that turns into a line struggling towards the centre, pen and paper going round together. However, changing to nearunison is richly rewarding. In contrary motion come a variety of beautiful, often shelllike, forms with fine cross hatchings. For best results lift the pen off the paper well before the pendulums reach equilibrium. Surprisingly, from concurrent nearmiss motion there come various spherical or eggshaped forms. To produce an egg the pen should be lowered when it is dawdling at the centre. It then spirals its way outwards, reaching a limit before returning as the pendulums run down. Because the lines toward the perimeter get closer together, the drawing appears three dimensional.
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