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7 6 The monochorD of creaTion a singular string theory There are seven octaves in the keyboard of a piano and nearly eleven in the total range of sound heard by the average person. The highest note of each octave has a frequency twice that of the first so the frequencies increase exponentially, on a scale beginning at 16 cycles per second 16 Hertz with the lowest organ note and ending with about 20,000 per second. Below 16 Hz we experience rhythm. A range of ten octaves represents about a thousandfold increase in frequency 210 103. There is a hint here of what we can think of as the great monochord of the universe, also on a scale, this time stretching from a single quantum fluctuation at the bottom, to the observable universe at the top, passing through the various octaves of atom, molecule, quantities of solid, liquid and gaseous matter, creatures great and small, planets, stars and galaxies see below. Here too the scale is exponential, but usually measured in powers of ten, and covering a range of more than 1040. Robert Fludds 17th century engraving opposite tells a similar story the musical scale follows the same exponential principle underlying the design of the universe.
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