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Golden Section

50 51 The PhilosoPhers sTone new vision and insight a promise kept We have come a long way, from a divided line to the essence of consciousness. The stated intention was to provide you with new vision and insight through examination of natures greatest secret, the golden section, the most simple but profound asymmetric cut. Perpetuated throughout the cosmos at all levels, it marries endless variety with ordered proportional symmetry, unifying parts and whole from the large down to the little and back up again in a eurythmic symphony of form. Together, on this journey, we just may have discovered the Pearl of Great Price, the precious Stone that transmutes base knowledge into golden wisdom. Next time you pick up a starfish, brush your teeth, admire a painting, see a pinecone, kick a soccer ball, gaze at the evening star, pick a flower, listen to some music, or even use your credit card, stop and think for a moment. You are a whole made up of lesser parts, and you are part of a greater whole. This is natures greatest secret. The golden section is interwoven into the very fabric of our existence, providing us with the means to resonate, to attune with successively broader stages of self identity and unfoldment upon the path of return to the One. It is humanitys duty to reconnect and resonate with this deep code of nature, beautifying our world and our relationships with eurythmic forms and golden standards of excellence. As nature does effortlessly, our duty is nothing less than to transmute our world, transforming it into the heavenly state of beauty and symbiotic peace that it was always intended to be.
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