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Golden Section

48 49 resonance consciousness buddhas, shamans and microtubules Consciousness is one of the great mysteries of humanity. Like life itself symbolised opposite centre in the fivefold flower by Pablo Amaringo, it may result from a resonance between the Divine whole and nature the parts exquisitely tuned by the amazing fractal properties of the golden ratio, allowing for more inclusive states of awareness. Penrose the inventor of pentagonal tilings, opposite and below and Hameroff provocatively suggest that consciousness emerges through the quantum mechanics of microtubules. It is possible then that consciousness may reside in the geometry itself, in the golden ratios of DNA, microtubules, and clathrins opposite, by Gregory. Microtubules, the structural and motile basis of cells, are composed of 13 tubulin, and exhibit 85 phyllotaxis. Clathrins, located at the tips of microtubules, are truncated icosahedra, abuzz with golden ratios. Perhaps they are the geometric jewels seen near the mouths of serpents by shamans in deep sacramental states of consciousness. Even DNA exhibits a resonance. Each twist fits in a rectangle measuring in the Fibonacci ratio of 3421 angstroms, and the cross section through the molecule is decagonal. Buddha said, The body is an eye. In a state of induced quantum coherence, one may experience samadhi, cosmic conscious identification with the awareness of the Universe Itself. side view of a microtubule looking into a microtubule a double pentagon quintuplo flower the tenfold rosette crosssection of DNA the soccer ball structure of a clathrin
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