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Golden Section

42 43 The golDen chalice a marriage of roots Plato said learning is remembrance. The teacher acts as a midwife, and by close communion with the student, passes a spark of resonance lighting a flame, resulting in the birth of the innate idea. Contemplation of a drawing assists this process. The construction below demonstrates how 3 is derivable as the hypotenuse of a rightangled triangle with and 1 as legs. The Golden Chalice v., opposite combines this 3 revelation along with 2 derived from and 1 as legs. Critchlows Kairos drawing vi., opposite derives a pentagram with its and 1 from a circle and a 3 equlilateral triangle. All these results are exact Critchlow, concerned about the qualitative, ethical aspects of sacred geometry, writes We are born into a world which appears as an indefinite dyad, a duality, a myself and others, until such time as we reach a maturity which can be called relationship. This reveals itself as the unity that is the true case and we can realise it through the golden mean of peoples relationship with all others, including the environment. In the Kairos diagram, the golden mean is linking the trinitarian equilateral triangle to the lifeemblem of the fivepointed star. Reynolds drawings iiv depict the extension of F proportions into the Mu or 2.058... rectangle i. with sides 1 and FF. ii A Mu rectangle inside a F rectangle when a 1F rectangle is drawn within it. OC is the occult centre formed by diagonals intersecting at 90o. iii. The occult centres generate golden sections of a Mu rectangle. iv. F and the Great Pyramid semi elevation. v. Olsens Golden Chalice Square ABCD is the geometric mean between a larger and a smaller square. Can you identify them vi. Critchlows Kairos drawing of triangle to pentagram, follow the lines from A, K, L and B of triangle ABC, and from H, C and I of triangle HCI down to the pentagram. Also a square is hidden in the diagram for the enquirer to find. ii. i. iii. iv. v. vi.
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