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Golden Section

40 41 all ThaT glisTers is not gold Today we consistently find ourselves reaching for that plastic card in our wallets and handbags. Most credit cards measure 86mm by 54mm, almost exactly an 85 rectangle and one of the most common Fibonacci approximations to the golden rectangle. Because of its aesthetic qualities, embodied in its unique ability to relate the parts to whole, golden ratios are used in the design of many modern household items, from coffeepots, cassette tapes, playing cards, pens, radios, books, bicycles, and computer screens, to tables, chairs, windows and doorways. It even comes into literature, in the page layout of medieval manuscripts bottom right and as the small winged Golden Snitch in the Harry Potter stories. Other important rectangles also find their way into our daily lives. The continuous geometric proportion most perfectly expressed in the golden series is mimicked in the International Standard Paper Size, which employs the continuous geometric proportion of 2221. Whereas removing a square from a golden rectangle produces another golden rectangle, folding a 2 rectangle in half produces two smaller 2 rectangles. Thus folding a sheet of A3 22 in half, gives you two sheets of A4 each 21. Golden dividers are a useful tool to have lying around the house beside the calculator opposite. They can be made at any size, and opened to produce the golden section in any object that you are curious about. They are relatively easy to construct simply mark three equal rods with the golden section, drilling holes in two of them at the mark and cutting the third. Observe the example shown, fasten in four places, and sharpen the tips to complete.
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