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Golden Section

34 35 a sacreD TraDiTion old wine in new bottles The philosophical and sacred number traditions of the Greeks and Romans were carefully carried into the new Christian religion as Jesus replaced Apollo and Hermes as the divine intermediary. The early tradition of the church placed emphasis upon the presence of Christ within, and the discovery of the Kingdom of Heaven in its divine proportion here on earth, in nature itself. Clement of Alexandria recognised Christianity as the New Song, the sacred wine of the Logos occupying a new vessel. Concerning the Logos ratio or word, at the start of St. Johns Gospel, 11, we read In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God and the Logos was God. The only ratio that is simultaneously one and with one is the golden section. Scripture with its symbolical and allegorical meaning can only be fully understood through a study of sacred number. By the science of gematria, the name Jesus IHSOUS sums to 888, Christ CRISTOS is 1480, and the two together 2368. These three names are in the golden proportion 358, with Christ the golden mean. In Roman and Christian architecture the golden section was again used alongside integer ratios, and geometric diagonals 2, 3 and 5. Some examples are shown opposite and below. Clockwise from above i Portal relief over the south door of Chartres Cathedral displaying hidden pentagonal geometry after Schneider. ii Equilateral and Egyptian 85 triangles in the Basilica of Constantine ViolletleDuc. iii 85 triangle defining the Parthenon ViolletleDuc. iv The plan of the Parthenon is a 5 rectangle, i.e., a square and two golden rectangles. v Corinthian column capital displaying hidden pentagonal symmetry after Palladio. vi The Duomo, Florence, designed by Brunelleschi, showing golden rectangle relationships. Opposite page Moessels decagonal analyses of the plans of Gothic churches and cathedrals embodying numerous golden proportions.
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