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Golden Section

26 27 golDen syMMeTry proportion from asymmetry Nature presents us with a wonderful holographic portrait, where the smaller portions mirror the whole cosmos itself. Recognising that structural selfsimilarity connects, or binds, what he called the hidden implicate order to the outer explicate order, physicist David Bohm remarked The essential feature of quantum interconnectedness is that the whole universe is enfolded in everything, and that each thing is enfolded in the whole. As we have seen, this marriage of the whole and its parts is elegantly accomplished via proportional symmetry, and in particular it is most efficiently produced by the golden section. This simple cut appears to be the driving impulse of nature itself, fractalising with selfsimilarity into all the parts, and driving the growth process through spiraling golden angles and Fibonacci numbers. It is the asymmetric push, the dynamic energy of the golden ratio manifesting as life, form and consciousness that provides the impetus to the rhythmic swing, the initial push of the pendulum. The theme is explored in John Michells painting, The Pattern opposite. Concerning Intelligible symmetry, Michell writes Socrates called it the heavenly pattern, which anyone can discover, and once they have found it they can establish it in themselves.
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