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Golden Section

20 21 Phi in The huMan boDy in the image of the divine For over 20 years my students have been subjected to inclass measurements where their height relative to the location of their navel was determined. The purpose was to see whether the navel actually divides the body in the golden section, as some suggest the ancient Canon of Polyclitus purported. Over the years there have been a few who have exhibited what appears to be a perfect golden cut, however, in performing the calculations, the majority fit very closely into whole number Fibonacci approximations, particularly, the 53 range, and occasionally 85. The golden ratio manifests throughout the human body. The three bones of each of your fingers are in golden relationship, and the wrist divides the hand and forearm at the golden section. Fibonacci numbers appear in your teeth, which sum to 13 in each quarter of your mouth over a lifetime, divided into a childhood 5 and an adult 8. The journey from child to adult also contains another surprise a babys navel representing its past is at its midpoint, and its genitals occur at the golden point, but when fully grown these reverse, as an adults midpoint is at the genitals the future with the navel approximating the golden section opposite lower left. In Da Vincis drawing of a head opposite top right a golden rectangle frames the face, and positions the eyes, nose and mouth. Below we see Durers drawings of less than golden faces. Zeising f H am b id g e
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