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Golden Section

18 19 all creaTures the divine symphony of life Nature exhibits an array of beautiful and wondrous forms. Plants, trees, insects, fish, dogs, cats, horses and peacocks all display a poetic interplay between symmetry and asymmetry. Golden relations are often displayed through golden rectangles see beetles and fish opposite, after Doczi, and their subsequent sectioning into component squares and smaller golden rectangles. This perpetuates the ratios of the original whole into its selfsimilar parts, reflecting the 11 proportional symmetry that we call the divine proportion. As Schwaller de Lubicz stated in The Temple of Man, The impulse of all movement and all form is given by . The prevalence of natural pentagonal forms may result from the symphony of golden relationships in the pentagon and pentagram below and centre row opposite, from Colman. Many marine animals, like starfish, exhibit 5fold form. Sometimes, as in a passion flower, the form is decagonal, one pentagon superimposed upon another. Even the building blocks for life, ammonia NH3, methane CH4, and water H2O all have internal bond angles which approximate the internal 108o angle of a pentagon.
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