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Golden Section

1 inTroducTion Nature holds a great mystery, zealously guarded by her custodians from those who would profane or abuse the wisdom. Periodically portions of this tradition are quietly revealed to those of humanity who have attuned their eyes to see and ears to hear. The primary requirements are openness, sensitivity, enthusiasm, and an earnestness to understand the deeper meaning of natures marvels exhibited to us daily. Many of us tend to walk through life half asleep, at times numbed, if not actually deadened to the exquisite order that surrounds us. But a trail of clues has been preserved. The secretive tradition centres on a study of number, harmony, geometry and cosmology that stretches back through the mists of time into the Egyptian, Babylonian, Indian and Chinese cultures. It is evident in the layout and relationships of the stone circles and underground chambers of ancient Europe, as well as in Neolithic stones discovered in Britain, fashioned in the form of the five regular solids. There are further clues in Maya and other Mesoamerican artifacts and buildings, and across the ocean the Gothic masons embedded it in their cathedral designs. The great Pythagorean philosopher, Plato, in his writings and oral teachings, hinted, though enigmatically, that there was a golden key unifying these mysteries. Here is my promise to you if you are willing to proceed step by step through this compact little book, it will be well nigh impossible not to grasp by the end a satisfying and stunning glimpse, if not deeply provocative insight, into Natures Greatest Secret.
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