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53 52 From the Market Cross in the centre of town, walk all the way up the High Street, turn right at the top and after a few minutes left into Dod Lane. Where the lane curves left, go straight ahead taking the path uphill due east towards the Tor. This joins a road briefly but continue straight, and go across a field to reach the road that goes around the base of the Tor. Go left on this briefly and then turn right into the field where a concrete path leads one, in about 10 minutes, to the summit of the Tor. One can inspect the ruined tower of St Michaels Church here and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Then go down the Tor by the path on the other side of the summit. This leads southwest down into Wellhouse Lane coming out opposite Chalice Well Gardens. Turn right at the main road Chilkwell Street, here part of the A361 and walk to the miniroundabout. Take the left hand branch of the road Bere Lane, still A361 past the Abbey Tithe Barn until one gets to Magdalene Street at the end. Turn right into this and follow back to the Market Cross. At the bottom of the north way up the Tor just described in Walk I there is a bus stop, but parking here is permanently prohibited. From here walk half a mile east on a lane going down hill. Turn left at the bottom and after a few minutes one reaches the ancient oak trees known as Gog and Magog, supposedly the only survivors of a sacred druidic grove. Turn left into the field opposite the oaks and head back up hill following the footpath. The track swings round to the right along the upper rim of a valley leading into a short lane going west. Where this meets the road turn left and follow the road back to the bus stop below the Tor. GLAsTONbURy wALk I 1.5 MILes Over Glastonbury Tor and Back GLAsTONbURy wALk II A MILe From the Tor to Gog and Magog Oaks
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